10 Best beaches in the world

10 Best beaches in the world

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to think about where to go for the perfect beach getaway. Whether you are looking for pure relaxation, adventurous water sports, stunning natural surroundings or a party atmosphere, there are countless beaches around the world that can fulfill your desires.

In this blog post, we have rounded up the 10 best beaches in the world, each one unique in its own way and ready to be explored by beach lovers. So pack your sunscreen, swimsuits, and sunglasses, and get ready to discover some of the most amazing beaches in the world!

1. Source d’Argent, Seychelles

Source d’Argent, Seychelles

Source d’Argent Beach in Seychelles is a must-visit destination for any beach lover. Its picture-perfect beauty has captured the hearts of many, including famous celebrities, and has earned numerous awards over the years.

Its crystal-clear turquoise waters, white powdery sand, and massive granite boulders make it one of the most photographed beaches in the world. A perfect combination of peace and beauty, it is a great spot for a romantic getaway, family vacation, or a solo adventure.

The beach is located on La Digue Island in the Seychelles and can be reached by a ferry ride. It is inside the L’Union Estate National Park, which ensures that it remains clean and well-maintained. Visitors do have to pay an entrance fee, but it’s a small price to pay to visit such a stunning location.

The beach is known for its shallow waters, making it safe for swimming and perfect for enjoying a relaxing day in the sun. Whether enjoying a breathtaking sunset, taking a dip in the warm waters, or just enjoying the serene atmosphere, Source d’Argent Beach is an absolute paradise. Surely, a visit to Seychelles is not complete without a visit to this magnificent beach.

2. Dune du Pilat, France

Dune du Pyla, France

Dune du Pilat, located in France, is Europe’s tallest dune, towering at over 100 meters. It is an hour’s drive from Bordeaux and is dazzling, with pristine sand and shimmering heat haze. Visitors shield their eyes as they take in the panoramic views over the Atlantic and pine forests behind.

The beach has a stunning view of nearby Cap Ferret, which can be accessed by taking a ferry from Arcachon pier. The beach and its surrounding areas offer miles of exploration along the Bassin d’Arcachon. After a long day of exploring, visitors can head to the oyster cabanes where fishermen set up tables and serve delicious dishes like oysters, prawns, pate, bread, and rose wine.

This is truly a treat for seafood lovers. Those looking for a place to stay can consider Panorama du Pilat campsite, which offers pitches from €18 a night for two and wooden bungalows for four from €30 a night. Dune du Pilat holds all the beauty that a traveler or visitor wants, making it an ideal location for those looking for a beach escape.

3. Shoal Bay, Antigua

Shoal Bay, Antigua

Shoal Bay, located on the northern coast of Antigua, is often referred to as one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful beaches. Its crystal-clear turquoise waters and powder-soft pinkish-white sand make it an idyllic destination for beach lovers.

The two-mile stretch of shore is perfect for long walks along the ocean, while the calm waters are ideal for swimming and water sports. With plenty of space to spread out, visitors to Shoal Bay never feel crowded even on busy days.

The beach’s popularity means there are plenty of amenities available, including beach chairs and umbrellas for rent, and a variety of restaurants and cafes that offer delicious food and drinks. Visitors can enjoy their day in paradise with a refreshing cocktail, fresh seafood, and the sound of the ocean waves.

For those looking for some added adventure, there are opportunities for snorkeling and catamaran cruises. Despite being a hotspot for tourists, Shoal Bay’s natural beauty remains preserved, with lush vegetation and palm trees that provide plenty of shade. It’s no wonder why many consider Shoal Bay one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and a must-visit destination for any beach lover.

4. Cala Saona, Formentera

Cala Saona, Formentera

Cala Saona is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Spanish island of Formentera. With its white sand and crystal-clear waters, it’s a popular spot for both locals and tourists. The cove also features a few restaurants on the beach and nearby, which serve up some delicious seafood dishes.

Visitors to Cala Saona can hike up the nearby cliffs to take in some stunning views of the surrounding area or relax on the beach loungers and soak up the sun. One of the best ways to explore the beach and its surroundings is by renting a bike and cycling around.

The beach is relatively quiet and peaceful, which makes it ideal for families and couples seeking a romantic getaway. If you’re feeling more adventurous, there are also opportunities for scuba diving and snorkeling in the area, giving visitors the chance to explore the underwater world of the Mediterranean Sea.

Overall, Cala Saona is a true gem of Formentera, offering a perfect blend of stunning natural beauty and relaxing vibes.

5. Glass Beach, California

Glass Beach, California

Glass Beach, located in Fort Bragg, California, is a must-visit destination for beachcombers and sea glass collectors. The entire beach is unlike any other in the world, as it is completely made up of sea glass instead of sand.

However, it is important to note that removing large quantities of sea glass is discouraged and even illegal in some sources. Instead, visitors can visit the International Sea Glass Museum nearby, which showcases unique and unusual sea glass finds. This beach is known for its variety of colors, including green, brown, white, pink, lilac, blue, yellow, and even multicolored pieces. Glass Beach was once an official dumpsite in the 1940s, which is the reason for the abundance of sea glass found there today.

The nearby MacKerricher State Park and other beaches in Fort Bragg also offer opportunities for sea glass hunting. While Glass Beach may be the most well-known and unique sea glass beach, there are countless others around the world waiting to be explored and discovered.

Beachcombing and collecting sea glass is not only a fun and thrilling hobby, but it also helps to preserve our oceans and coastlines by removing trash that has been discarded into the waves.

6. Starfish Beach, Panama

Starfish Beach, Panama

Starfish Beach in Panama’s Bocas del Toro archipelago is a paradise for beach lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, and adventure seekers. This beach offers crystal clear waters dotted with red and orange starfish resting on the sandy seabed.

It is a mesmerizing experience to observe these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. It is important to remember not to touch them or move them out of the water as it could harm their ecosystem. Along the beach, visitors can find a handful of restaurants to choose from in case they get hungry or crave a cold drink.

Sloths are commonly spotted hanging out in the treetops, making it a perfect spot for nature lovers. Getting to Starfish Beach is straightforward, visitors can either rent a bike or an ATV, or catch a ‘colectivo’ bus from Bocas Town to Boca del Drago followed by a short boat ride to Starfish Beach.

The beauty of this beach is that despite its popularity, it never feels too crowded as there is always enough space. Starfish Beach in Panama is an ideal destination for those who want to unwind and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.

7. Matira Beach, Bora Bora

Matira Beach, Bora Bora

Matira Beach in Bora Bora is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in all of French Polynesia. The largest public beach on the island, it offers crystal clear waters, soft white sand, and lush palm trees.

Located about 8km from Vaitapa town, travelers can easily reach the beach on rented bicycles, scooters, or taxis. Matira Beach has a relaxed island vibe with casual cafes where visitors can sample many different foods. It’s the perfect spot for swimming, snorkeling, and enjoying a stunning sunset view. The beach is surrounded by picturesque mountains and ranges, giving an illusion of a pregnant woman lying down.

A favorite spot for locals and tourists alike, Matira beach is a must-visit on any trip to Bora Bora. Those looking to make the most of their beach vacation can make their stay even more luxurious by booking a hotel at the InterContinental Le Moana Resort Bora Bora, which is located on the beach itself.

Whether it’s swimming in the calm, warm waters, lounging on the soft sand, or exploring the nearby attractions, Matira Beach is the perfect destination for any beach lover.

8. Grace Bay Beach, Turks and Caicos

Grace Bay Beach, Turks and Caicos

Grace Bay Beach in Turks and Caicos has consistently been named one of the best beaches in the world by various travel publications. Stretching three miles long and part of a 7.5-mile stretch of sand, this beach is a popular destination for those seeking to relax and unwind.

The sands are smooth and white, and the water is calm and warm, perfect for wading or taking part in water sports such as paddleboarding, kayaking, and parasailing, to name a few. One of the best things about Grace Bay Beach is that it never seems to get overcrowded, even during peak travel periods.

Unlike other beaches in the Caribbean, Grace Bay Beach does not have any mega-resorts, leaving the beach to remain unfettered by crowds and excess development. The beach is also close to some luxurious resorts, making it an ideal location for those who want to indulge in a little luxury while still enjoying the tranquility of the beach.

With a barrier reef about a mile offshore, the beach is protected from the Atlantic Ocean swells, providing a perfect environment for swimming with no rocks, seaweed, or pollution to worry about. With a variety of activities to choose from, Grace Bay Beach is truly a heavenly destination for any traveler seeking a slice of paradise.

9. Reethi Rah, Maldives

Reethi Rah, Maldives

Reethi Rah is a paradise on earth that boasts some of the most picturesque and secluded beaches in the Maldives. This private island, only accessible to guests of the One & Only Reethi Rah resort, offers an exclusive and intimate retreat for those craving a serene and romantic vacation.

With a coastline stretching over three and a half miles and twelve stunning beaches to choose from, visitors are spoiled for choice in this piece of paradise. The sparkling turquoise waters surrounding the island are perfect for swimming and water activities, while those seeking pure relaxation can lounge on the powdery white sand with a cocktail in hand.

Guests of the resort can enjoy the luxury of loungers set up on the beach or indulge in a romantic candlelit dinner on the soft sand. To add to its allure, the island boasts a unique time zone that is an hour ahead of Malé, giving visitors a chance to witness some of the most beautiful sunsets in the Maldives.

Reethi Rah is a dream destination, offering a peaceful haven for those seeking unparalleled natural beauty and an unforgettable experience.

10. Playa Paraiso, Mexico

Playa Paraiso, Mexico

Playa Paraiso is a beautiful beach located in the Riviera Maya region of Mexico, on the Caribbean coast. It is known for its crystal-clear turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, and picturesque palm trees, making it a popular destination for tourists.

Playa Paraiso is a relatively secluded beach, and there are a few resorts and hotels in the surrounding area that offer visitors access to the beach. The beach is ideal for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports like snorkeling and scuba diving.

One of the unique features of Playa Paraiso is the presence of a natural pool, which is created by a sandbar that separates the ocean from a shallow, calm lagoon. The pool is perfect for swimming and lounging, and the calm waters make it an excellent spot for families with children.

If you’re looking for a serene and peaceful beach with stunning views and plenty of opportunities to relax, Playa Paraiso is definitely worth a visit.


In conclusion, the world is full of stunning beaches, each with its own unique features and attractions. These beaches offer breathtaking natural beauty, crystal-clear waters, and soft white sand, making them ideal destinations for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports. Whether you’re looking for a secluded and peaceful beach or a lively and bustling one, there is a beach out there for everyone. So, if you’re planning a beach vacation, be sure to consider one of these beautiful destinations.

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