Northern Lights set to be visible again in UK

Northern Lights set to be visible again in UK

I can still remember the first time I saw the Northern Lights. It was during a winter camping trip in Alaska with my family.

We had driven out of Anchorage and camped on a ridge that overlooked the horizon, and just before nightfall, we noticed a faint green hue in the sky that slowly began to grow brighter.

As it did, streaks of bright light seemed to dance across the sky like ribbons of paint waving in the wind. The lights were mesmerizing; I couldn’t help but stand there for hours watching them until they slowly faded away.

The sight of those dancing lights has stayed with me since then, and this week I heard news that they might be visible once more in parts of the UK. I’m so excited at this prospect that I’m already planning my next camping trip!

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